Stretching Your Dollar During Your Fall Travel

If you are like many other couples and families, your finances may be tight.  Many families who are just making ends meet as it is may think that a beach vacation is out of the question. However, if you and your family are interested in taking a fall vacation to Bethany Beach, Delaware, then there are many ways you can stretch your dollar and have a great trip.

Instead of searching for the cheapest room or dining choices, look for the vacation of your dreams and then figure out how to save money. Once you research the hotels, restaurants, attractions, or beaches that Bethany Beach has to offer, you can easily learn how and where to save money.

For instance, you may choose to stay at a lower priced hotel and splurge on food. You may prefer to sight see only at the attractions with no entrance fees and pay for only one favorite, must-see attraction. Or you may choose to spend on a great vacation rental with all of the amenities that you and your family want. In a rental home, you often get enough room for the whole family for less than the cost of multiple hotel rooms; you can also prepare meals at home and save on expensive dining. With the beach out your door and plenty of space to lounge, spending your days soaking up the sun, resting to the peaceful sounds of waves tickling your toes, and letting the kids play in the yard is a great vacation that doesn’t cost a much at all.

Fall vacations do not have to be financially out of your reach. The “shoulder season” is often an even better time to check out a beach destination. The water is a few degrees colder, but the sand is just as good for making castles as it was in the summer, and there are great deals to be had from the tourism businesses that no longer draw the summer crowds.

Many restaurants and hotel lobbies offer coupons and discounts to local attractions, which get even better when the product is on sale to begin with. If you search online, you’ll also find coupons for eateries, shopping malls, and museums. Be sure and pick up several brochures and pamphlets while planning your trip. Many places can scan coupons right from your phone, so if you forget to print a discount out before you leave, you can always check for a last-minute deal while you’re on the road.

Area hotels and vacation rental managers offer huge discounts during the off season and shoulder season. October through May is considered off season in Bethany Beach, so a fall vacation is the perfect time to snag a great deal on a vacation rental. High hotel rates are one of the main reasons many families choose not to take a vacation, opting instead to take off time for a “staycation” at home. Going during autumn to an area that is swamped with tourists in the summer months will have a slower, more relaxed feeling. More importantly, you will be saving money while simultaneously avoiding the big crowds. This is an extra plus for taking a fall vacation.

Finally, don’t forget: the changing leaves make a gorgeous backdrop while driving to your fall vacation on the beach!


Fall Retreats In Bethany Beach

Bethany Beach is the place to visit for a quiet alternative to the bustling beach scene. To some, a beach vacation is defined by a visit to the hottest, busiest beach. It’s nice to experience what so many individuals view as popular, but there are a number of drawbacks to visiting these crowded vacation destinations. One of those disadvantages is the number of tourists. For those who prefer a less crowded atmosphere, the Bethany Beach boardwalk is a perfect alternative.

Summer months are generally the most popular time to visit the beach. Hot sun, warm water and summer vacation days beckon to beach lovers. Yet despite these pleasant features, the fall months can be just as spectacular. Bethany beach comes alive with color from the surrounding wooded areas. Quaint cottages decorated in the spirit of the season offer a feast for the eyes. Near perfect temperatures range in the mid 60s and offer optimum weather for afternoon strolls along the beach.

What is there to do if it’s too chilly to splash in the waves? Take a quiet stroll along the boardwalk, or enjoy the waves as they tickle your toes and splash around your knees. Fall weather is plenty warm for building castles and playing in sprinkles and spray from the waves. For the most part, tourists have returned home and those who are visiting at this time of the year are lucky to experience the beach with smaller crowds.


When choosing your fall beach retreat at Bethany Beach, you will want to consider the accommodations nearby. This smaller beach is stocked with nearby hotels, beach cottages, bed and breakfasts, and camping areas. While having a number of hotels nearby is nice, you will often have to arrange travel accommodations just to reach the beach. These alternative accommodations can be eliminated if you select a hotel that is within walking distance to the beach. There are also shuttle buses that carry you to and from the beach if your accommodations are beyond walking distance. Bicycle rentals may appeal to the more adventurous. You can rent a bike by the hour, day, or week at Bethany Bike Shop.

As with most other fall retreat vacation destinations, you are encouraged to book the appropriate rentals and overnight accommodations in plenty of time. You can easily ask a rental company to take care of all your reservations. This is by far the easiest way to book a vacation. All the hard work is done for you. Once you have decided where you want to stay and who is going to make the final arrangements, you should write down all the information you need and put it where you will not lose it or forget to pack it with you. All you need is an acceptable form of payment, often a credit or debit card, and you can relax until your vacation date arrives. A stress free vacation at Bethany Beach begins with your rentals.

If you love the beach, why ask for a fall vacation that leaves you bored and disappointed?  Beach lovers rejoice and spend the spectacular autumn season in the sunny destination of Bethany Beach, Delaware.

Visitors Welcome!

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Bethany Beach is a great place to enjoy the sand and sunshine. Whether you spend a weekend at the beach or rent a home for the whole summer, the warm waters and beautiful boardwalk make Bethany Beach an alluring place to visit.

There are many travel websites floating around the internet that that simply list activities, events, and attractions etc. Our goal is to take those suggestions a step further to ensure that any beach-goer feels like a local and is able to experience everything Bethany Beach has to offer.

So check in with us before your next visit to Bethany!